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Making SEPA simple

What is SEPA?

The Single Euro Payments Area or SEPA was developed by the European Payments Council (EPC) to make sending and receiving cross-border Euro payments as easy as domestic ACH transactions. The ultimate goal of SEPA is to create a borderless payment environment for Euro payments within participating countries, which includes Eurozone and non-Eurozone countries as well as European Free Trade Association (EFTA) and additional SEPA members.
SEPA adds consistency and efficiency to payments processes by putting a uniform set of standards, rules and conditions. Once fully adopted, SEPA will help your organisation successfully simplify processes, reduce costs and improve liquidity while also making it easier to do business with partners across the SEPA zone. Use this as information under secondary headline

What does this mean?

The SEPA End Date Regulation, passed in March of 2012, makes migration to SEPA mandatory for most businesses by 1 February 2014. This includes SEPA Direct Debit and SEPA Credit Transfers, where both the payer and payee bank accounts are located in the Eurozone. Euro-denominated payments in non-Euro countries have until 31 October 2016 to comply.
Migrating to SEPA is an excellent opportunity for companies to make processes and systems more efficient. There are several factors to consider.

How Can We Help?

Validate is a tool kit that will help with the key challenges to being SEPA ready. Our team are actively helping companies to be compliant quickly and efficiently.

Avoid disruption in making payments in Euros

Validate Browser
Validate API

Convert your accounts to IBAN and BIC format

IBAN Converter

Make sure your SEPA D/D's are validated

Validate Browser
Validate API

Make sure your SEPA Credits and D/D's are kept up to date and SEPA compliant

Validate Browser
Validate API
Check & Fix
Validate Updater

IBAN Conversions. Payment Compliance made simple.

Vaildate Converter give you the ability to convert account numbers into the new IBAN format with associated BIC's will ease your company through the SEPA migration process and provide the correct formats for the new IBAN countries outside the EU.

From as little as £40 Validate Converter offers you a simple solution to IBAN conversion whether it be a single account or a file containing a large number of account numbers.

"Providing easy to deploy, innovative and simple to use solutions is critical for us to keep our clients happy. Apply Financial deliver all these and we regard them as partners in our growth."
~ Nick England
"Apply Financial's Validate API solution helps us give our clients a seamless payment experience and keeps payment errors to a minimum"
~ Rupert Lee-Browne
CEO Caxton FX