As a corporate you are required to provide banking details in new formats or to check with your suppliers and customers that their bank account details are correct. Failure to do this leads to increased bank charges, payment delays and cash flow issues. As payment details are constantly changing due to bank acquisitions, mergers, branch closures and other factors you need to check these details on an on-going basis.

Validate Data Manager allows you to upload all your supplier and customer account numbers and payment codes or IBAN and BIC details and check them to confirm that they are up to date. Validate Data Manager will also suggest conversions if the bank details you entered are not in the new IBAN format. This service will allow you to regularly check the details you have for peace of mind and to minimise charge backs for failed payments.

Validate Data Manager is available to use from as little as a file containing 100 payments. Validate Data Manager is currently in Beta. If you are interested in joining our Free Trial program please click on the button below.

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