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Corporate Payment Flow

There are many places within your systems where you enter payment and banking details (supplier entry, staff pay roll) and then authorise and send out those details (through your bank and/or payments direct onto SWIFT). To help you understand which Validate product and where it can help you, simply click on any item or product in the diagram below.

Corporate Payment Flow


Payment Routing



Payment Validation Services

Payment validation and enrichment using our Validate products will help you to significantly improve your straight through processing and reduce exception management. Validate will also assist you in compliance whether it be for SEPA or other areas of payments that need to conform to legislated a process.

We have a team of experts within Apply Financial who can work with you to identify where your payment issues are costing you time and money and if they are affecting your customer relationships . As part of an assignment, we can help you to fully understand where our Validate products will address these issues and which Validate options best suit your needs. Assuming you are happy to share some numbers with us we can also identify the cost savings too.

We are committed to making sure you get the best out of our products and because of this we will provide 1 days free consultancy for any order over £5,000

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Converting accounts to IBAN format for SEPA compliance and non SEPA IBAN countries.

Whether you are in the SEPA region or making payments in to the SEPA region you will need to make sure your payments are compliant. In addition to the SEPA region other countries are fast adopting the IBAN format and you will need to convert those accounts too. First and foremost the account numbers need to be in the IBAN format for that country and with our Validate Converter cloud solution you will be able to convert a single account or a file containing many account numbers.

Where large account number conversions are required, our experts can help you identify any issues with your old account formats prior to creating a file that will provide a high percentage of successful conversions. Our aim is to help you complete your conversions with a minimal amount of manual fixes and time consuming exception management.

For Validate Converter orders we will provide 1 days free consultancy for orders over £5,000.

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Payments "Best Practice"

Our experts can help you make sure you are following "best practice". With a combination of our Validate products and consultancy we can :

  1. Validate the format of all data before uploading it into your system
  2. Validate the payment coordinates are correct
  3. Ensure that all IBAN countries payment data is stored as IBANs
  4. Check the payment BIC for each IBAN
  5. Validate payment data when sending a payment
  6. Ensure that your payment data is only checked against the data from the official source for that country
  7. Ensure that your systems payment data is no more than a month old as a maximum

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